Financial Aid

Unless you are wealthy, you will need financial aid for college. But what they don’t tell you is that there is a limit to that money they give and loan to you. You should have taken all the classes you need to graduate by taking about 240 (quarter) credits. The absolute max is 270. (Semester credits add up differently.) If you happen to start in one program while at a community college and something like a health problem makes you change your plans, you’re still have those course credits in your transcript. They are written in stone. There is no removing them.

I have been told by the financial aid office at WOU that my aid has been denied because I have 231 credits. I can’t do the full 270. I can’t complete my degree. Remember the community college credits? I have something like 60 from there that are just dead weight. I can’t do anything with a bunch of classes that I for a new career because I can’t even work now! (Migraines. Who wants to hire someone who will be off work at least two days a week because of headaches?)

I was also a bit stupid. (Migraines had nothing to do with that.) I didn’t file my appeal until a month ago. That was about six weeks after I got the letter of denial of aid. I don’t know what I will do if they deny my appeal. I have no other income. I am working on an application for Social Security Insurance. I already tried Disability insurance (they turned me down) and learned from a lawyer that I should have gone the SSI route anyway. These applications take forever to fill out because they want to know everything, understandable. Then it takes months to hear back from them, but that’s another rant.

Speaking of migraines… Have I done this before? I seem to always have a headache and the pain meds I have hardly work. Well, I do have a headache and I will be logging off in a moment. I am going to see if some of my art will sell on eBay and maybe get some money coming in – maybe.

Oh, one more thing…..